Birth Doula Profile


Julia M. Sittig, MSW, AdvCD/BDT(DONA), LCCE

Birth Doula, Childbirth Education, Doula Training

When I began my journey in social work and counseling in 1995, the seed within me grew into a desire to dig deeper into those early developmental years of a family’s new beginnings. After the unique births and breastfeeding journeys of my own first three children, that seed began to grow and flourish.

In 2004, I had the privilege of completing my DONA International Birth Doula Training which then launched me onto a path where I have had the privilege of supporting hundreds of women and families in the time honored tradition of full circle birth support. It is such incredible work and I’ve never looked back.

Along my journey, I have grown and found my niche in the birth community as a founder and co-owner of Beautiful Birth Choices, an advanced certified birth doula, a Lamaze certified educator, a birth doula trainer, and a home birth midwifery assistant.

Because there are so many avenues of this work that I deeply love and appreciate, I have also been privileged to become an Evidence Based Birth ® Instructor, a Spinning Babies Parent Educator, and have experience and education in supporting families through pregnancy loss.

As the mother of five incredible kids (and a DIL!), wife to a supportive husband, a home school educator, and now Oma to a beautiful granddaughter, my time is not usually my own which is actually just the way I like it. If you can’t find me on a walk in the woods with my hubby and our pup, or on the front porch with a book, you’ll find me at the Public Market with a cup of coffee in my hand. Unless, of course, I’m at a birth.

My goal is to keep learning and growing in my knowledge and understanding of the miracle of birth and to keep actively sharing what I learn with others along the way.

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