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Katie DeTar Lalley

Birth Doula

Katie’s interest in women’s health and the miracle of conception through birth began during her own lengthy fertility journey. Her two children were brought into the world via reproductive technologies, and the life lessons learned through that sometimes-arduous process influences her work today.

Katie completed DONA birth doula training in 2018, and is eager to make a positive impact on the birth community through doula support work.

A lifelong traveler and lover of the outdoors, Katie hosts and produces a travel television series, writes for national and regional publications, and curates a lifestyle blog for women.

Katie’s interests include celebrating the seasons, yoga and cooking. She is intrigued by the role of the Goddess in women’s lives, and has enjoyed hosting women’s retreats and gatherings.

As a birth doula and postpartum support partner, Katie’s goal is to make a positive impact on women’s health around fertility and birth, to upend and change the negative and hurtful ways in which women are sometimes addressed and treated in the health care space, to empower women to make their own healthy choices that lead to their best selves and their best families.

Beautiful Birth Choices


Monthly Doula Meeting

7 PM

Second Thursday of the Month*

220 Winton Rd. South

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(585) 234-0164

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