Birth Doula Profile


Mandi Johnson-Fisher

Birth Doula

When I began my journey into motherhood I found myself starved for information and at times feeling overwhelmed. I absorbed as much information as I could about motherhood and ways to cope with labor and delivery. That all seemed to go out the window when i was right in the thick of labor. I couldn’t Doula myself like I thought I could. After my first child was born I had a complication after delivery that lasted weeks and I struggled with breastfeeding issues that no one was able to help me resolve. I was flooded with worry and stress and, most of all, I felt like a failure. I never want another mom to feel the way I felt in those days. Ever since, I have felt such a strong calling to be everything it is to be a Doula and help other families.

Every woman deserves to feel empowered, educated and supported and these elements are essential in order to achieve a healthy and positive birthing experience.

I have recently completed DONA International Birth Doula Training and I am working towards certification. I am also trained in breastfeeding support.

My goal is to never stop learning everything that I can about birth and ways to support families through such an amazing journey.

I would be honored to be your Doula!