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Birth Doula Profile


Alyssa Actaea

Birth Doula

I am new to the Doula-World and so excited to take this journey with you.

I care deeply about supporting my clients with a trauma informed approach that emphasizes communication and consent. I believe in autonomy and empowering birthing people.

DONA International trained in 2022, My Doula aspirations got put on pause when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. This was the ultimate learning experience for me and encouraged me to continue my education and passion for reproductive justice.

I am currently enrolled and studying “Herbal Medicine for Women” with Dr. Aviva Romm with sights set on becoming a “Woman’s Herbal Educator”.

I am also an artist and silversmith. I have a passion for herbalism and consider myself a social justice advocate. With an eye for fine detail, I am forever fascinated by the forest floor. I love observing and connecting with the wild world. I enjoy walking in the woods with my baby and dogs.

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