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Birth Doula Profile


Amy Schlageter

Birth Doula

My journey into the world of healing arts began in 2016 when I became certified as a Reiki practitioner. Through Reiki, I discovered the profound impact of energy flow on our overall well-being. By encouraging a healthy flow of energy in the body, I help my clients lower stress levels and promote natural healing.

The birth of my grandson in October marked a pivotal moment in my life. Witnessing the miracle of life and the strength of the women around me ignited a deep desire to support and uplift other women during their childbirth experiences. As my family celebrates this new addition, we are also joyously preparing for the arrival of our second baby, a precious little girl, further enriching our lives with love and anticipation.

Driven by this newfound passion, I embarked on the path to becoming a doula. I recently completed doula training and am currently pursuing certification through DONA International, ensuring that I provide the highest level of care and support to expectant mothers and their families. In addition to my doula work, I hold a certification in completing 7 chakras energy work, further enhancing my ability to facilitate holistic healing and balance.

With over 26 years of experience working at UR Medicine, I bring a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and dedication to my practice. My mission is to empower women, honor their unique birthing journeys, and provide unwavering support every step of the way.

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