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Birth Doula Profile


Enuma Okafor

Birth and Postpartum Doula Services

While being very new to the world of birth work I have completed both a doula training and lactation certification and am working towards fulfilling my requirements to be a certified doula through DONA International. I have experience in spiritual work and teachings alongside health, wellness, and nutrition. Basic skills in yoga, deep stretching, and water aerobics are some physical aspects that I can assist in; including advice on diet and nutrition making sure your body is properly nurtured. I will provide and offer not only relevant information of birth and care of the woman’s body and child, but additionally contribute psychological tools and tactics to assist in the birth and postpartum experience making it as fulfilling as possible. I aspire to put women and spirit first and understand women have the power to birth their child into existence, and want women to remember that divine truth. Birth is a profoundly spiritual and transformational event and deserves to be held in reverence. While times are deeply uncertain, the more we cultivate our own power as individuals learning to love and care absolutely, we can be assistants in bringing more peace into the world; peace on earth begins at birth.

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