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Tamara believes the process of birth is “labor” – work that should not be done alone. The value of labor support in the form of a loving husband (or coach) and a doula is immeasurable. She is passionate to help women have the kind of birth they desire. Tamara has been a certified doula with DONA (Doulas of North America) since 2001, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) since 2002, and has attended over 100 births - and counting! Additionally, she has a Bachelor of Science from Roberts Wesleyan College. Tamara is blessed to have an amazing husband and five incredible children. She absolutely LOVES working with pregnant couples!

Childbirth: A Joyful Experience

Tamara L. Albert, CD(DONA), LCCE


Mindy began her Doula career in 2016 after the birth of her fourth child. She has always been fascinated with pregnancy and birth and knew she wanted to continue that passion and help others. Mindy believes every woman should have the opportunity to have an empowering and fulfilling birth experience.
Mindy is a certified birth Doula through DONA International and has attended both hospital and home births. She is also a Postpartum Doula, helping mothers navigate the fourth trimester. She also has a special interest in breastfeeding which led her on the path to becoming a Certified Lactation Counselor. Mindy is a member of the Rochester Doula Cooperative and serves on the Steering Committee as the referral coordinator.
In her spare time, or when not running her kids to sporting activities and events, Mindy enjoys movies, crafting, baking and reading. She is also very involved in volunteering in her community, she serves on boards for her local preschool and sports clubs.
Mindy is very grateful to be part of such a wonderful birthing community.

Mindy Class, CD(DONA), CLC

(585) 576-9200

Elsa Deutschbein is a trained birth doula and certified post-partum doula based in Rochester, NY. She is part of Molly Deutschbein's team at Spirit Organic, a bodywork and birth services provider. Elsa has a bachelor's in psychology and has worked with survivor's of domestic violence and at-risk youth as a care provider. Elsa is trained in crisis managment, deescalation, and is a certified mediator. Elsa has had a passion for birth and babies since she watched her mother teach Bradley classes as a child. Elsa now hopes to provide the same emotional co-regulation, patience, and joy to mothers and babies as she provided to her clients in her past work.

Spirit Organic

Elsa Deutschbein


Rebecca is the mother of 2 amazing little kids who helped her find her way to being a doula each in their own way. After the birth of her second child and the support of her own doula she understood that doulas are there for the whole family so they can be present and she takes that into every birth.

Doula Dilley Services

Rebecca Dilley

(585) 748-5557

Michelle is a birth and postpartum doula. She is passionate about the birth process and making birth inclusive for everyone. She seeks to support the birthing person as well as anyone else who is part of their journey. It was during her yoga teacher training in 2013 during the prenatal section that Michelle fell in love with how the body changes during birth. Since then she has been studying and furthering her knowledge of birth and yoga. She is extremely honored to be able to hold space for her clients and honor the process for those who are going through the pregnancy journey.

Michelle is a registered yoga teacher and Reiki Master. She loves sports, her family/heritage and has a passion for learning.

Michelle Grosodonia Maiola E-RYT 200 Reiki Master

(585) 944-3474

Kat is passionate about serving the Rochester area as a postpartum doula. She brings calm, mindful, and evidence-based care to new families, always striving to empower and affirm. She believes strongly in the uniqueness of the postpartum period and providing a peaceful presence to hold the space for a positive experience. She was training in 2019 and is actively working on certification. Kat also works as an American Sign Language interpreter and greatly enjoys providing postpartum care to Rochester's Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing families.

Kat the Doula

Kat Head


Erin is a believer in the process of birth, and centers her practice on the trust that each of us hold the knowledge and wisdom within ourselves to birth our baby and make decisions surrounding this transformative time. With training as a postpartum doula, she can also offer support in the transition to parenthood at home. Postpartum services can be an extension of birth doula services, or as a stand alone. Her job as a doula is to offer reassurance and encouragement for you to claim your power. She is trained in Rebozo for labor as well as Hypnobirthing and holds a certification in Advanced Studies for Holistic Childbirth with experience in hospital, home, and birth center settings.
Erin has been attending births since 2014, and has three children of her own. Her passion was born from the empowering home births of her children and her desire to share with others what birth can be.

Erin Hegeman - Advanced Holistic Doula


Kerela is a certified Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula through The Matrona, and is also Bradley Childbirth educated. As a mother of two grown sons, Kerela has been passionate about natural, physiological childbirth since the birth of her first son. She is a calm, steady and encouraging presence to each family she supports. Kerela will work with you during pregnancy to answer questions, provide emotional and physical support and share resources for education. She will guide you on the path to the birth experience that is right for you!

Kerela Jones, Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula


Emily is a Trained Birth Doula through DONA (2019) and is actively working on certification, she has completed a Breastfeeding Class for Doulas (2019), has a BA in Psychology (2008), and enjoys continuing her education. Her passion for supporting an expectant parent and their family was ignited when she gave birth to her son in 2017. The support, knowledge, and compassion shown to her during her labor and birth journey made this work a clear choice for her as she brings those same qualities to the births she attends. Emily believes no matter how you plan to birth your baby, this sacred time for parents and babies should also be an informed and empowering one.

Emily Legas

(585) 750-4016

Julie's passion for birth came during the birth of her youngest sister. She was 7 at the time, and trusted to attend the birth. A witness to the power and determination of her mother, birth quickly became Julie's favorite topic to learn about, and she hasn't stopped since. In 2018, she attended a DONA lead Birth Doula training in Toronto, ON. And continues education with the Rochester Doula Cooperative. Julie believes that every birthing person deserves the opportunity to trust their body and bring their child earth side with empowerment and celebration!

Julie Molodetz

(585) 354-2496

Coming soon...

Candace Piccirilli

(585) 413-6191

Kay’s love for the birth process began in 1976 with the birth of her first child. She has been a DONA International Certified Birth Doula since 2008 and is a trained Lamaze Childbirth Educator. Kay believes that by respecting the mother’s preferences for the kind of birth she imagines, encouraging each mother to draw on the power within her, and knowing how her body is designed to give birth, is key to a rewarding birth experience. Kay brings a calm, nurturing presence to each family she supports, and with her experience she works well with other members if the birth team. She has 4 adult children, and has served as the doula for 4 of her 8 (grandchildren.

Kay E Slattery CD(DONA)

(585) 703-3724

Bridget is passionate about being a catalyst for peace during pregnancy, birth and the transition to parenthood. Her calm presence, gentle approach and steady strength offer the support needed to engage with birth as an empowering and fulfilling experience. She has been a doula since 2015 and has supported over 30 birthing people through various birthing scenarios in all birth settings in the Rochester area. Bridget has a thirst for knowledge and continually seeks out opportunities to deepen her knowledge and expand the extent of her holistic, evidence-based support.

Wildflower Birth Support

Bridget Strub, CD(DONA), LCCE

(585) 880-5387

LaKeisha is very passionate about Maternal Health and birth. She has three sons and through her very different birthing experiences, she found her love for birth and wants birthing people to feel powerful and respected. LaKeisha’s goal as a birth doula is to support expecting families navigate through the pregnancy, birth, and post-pregnancy process by ensuring they have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their care and support along the way. She is also a birth photographer and strongly believes in capturing these precious moments for families to cherish forever. Additionally, LaKeisha has a Master of Science degree from SUNY Brockport. She enjoys spending time with her husband and sons and loves to swim.

Flower City Doula Services, LLC

LaKeisha Washington, MPA

(585) 340-7574

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