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Breonna's start to birth work began during the process of birthing her 3 children. All of her births were very different and once she had a chance to work with a wonderful doula her fate was sealed to support birthing people and their families.

Breonna, also known as "BOJ" to those who know her, is a Rochester, NY native and is the owner of DO LAH LAH, LLC. She knows the value community holds when people enter parenthood and is dedicated to helping families make this transition as smooth as possible. Breonna honors that every birthing person and baby is different and she integrates all family members (partners) in the birth and postpartum process.

Families who work with her describe her as a calming force. She has a deep faith in the abilities of birthing people and this faith is felt by her clients. She is evidenced-based in all of her perinatal practices.

Breonna is a certified Birth Doula who provides Postpartum doula services. She is a certified placenta encapsulation specialist. She also provides belly casting design/art services.

In BOJ’s spare time she enjoys being in nature (preferably where there is water) taking walks with her kids, karaoke, stage art, and music of all genres.

Breonna can be contacted at Or 585.483.0499.

Breonna Orum "BOJ"

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