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  • Emily Rockcastle

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Emily Rockcastle Postpartum Doula As a postpartum doula and community health advocate, my goal is to empower and nurture the well-being of my clients, while providing professional referrals and resources before, during and after your care ends. With over 20 years of experience working alongside families, I have cultivated the keen ability to weave together customized, hands-on care and support during the intimate postpartum period and beyond. My extensive background as a nanny has given me the know-how to incorporate tried and true tricks that will help organize your home before the arrival of your newest family member(s). With my culinary background, I create meals and snacks that nourish the whole family. Let me make life a little easier by stocking your freezer with delicious, homemade goodness! I believe that food is medicine. As your postpartum doula, I offer sibling and pet care, as well as assistance with household duties - running errands, grocery shopping, laundry and lite cleaning. The postpartum period is a beautiful time of bonding and rest for every family member. It is my passion and intent to offer gentle support and guidance during the initial days and weeks after birth. I am currently available throughout the week, from 7am-11pm, for in-home care: each visit includes 4-5 hours of support. To learn more about my offerings or to create a package that best suits your individual postpartum goals, please contact me. I look forward to joining you on this journey. ​ 617.690.9477

  • Sarah Ozimek

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Sarah Ozimek Birth & Postpartum Doula Sarah is a birth and postpartum doula who believes every family deserves a respected, informed and transformative birth experience. Following the birth of her daughter in 2015 with two incredible doulas by her side, she found a calling to birth work and trained/certified with DONA International. She admires the strength of parents before, during and after childbirth, and encourages having a well-rounded support team to aid the journey to parenthood. Sarah is deaf, can provide services in English/ASL and enjoys meeting new families within Rochester's vibrant Deaf Community. She loves hiking with her family, swimming in lakes and exploring all the outdoor beauty Western NY has to offer throughout all four seasons. ​ 484-716-8065

  • About the The Doula Cooperative of Rochester NY

    About the Doula Cooperative Our Mission The Doula Cooperative exists to: ​ Provide a welcoming community for all doulas and to support one another through continuing education, opportunities for enhancing professional skills, networking and peer support. ​ Connect our community with high quality pregnancy, birth and postpartum support. ​ As professionals, the members of The Doula Cooperative subscribe to a shared code of ethics that informs our practices and ways of working with clients. Who We Are Meet the Doulas! Join Our Cooperative! Our membership consists of birth and postpartum doulas from all around Rochester and its surrounding areas. We have doulas who work independently and doulas who work within teams and agencies as well. Our doulas have a variety of experience in supporting families and represent numerous training organizations as well. Our Cooperative was founded in 2000 as a place for professional collaboration, encouragement and education and welcomed new and seasoned doulas alike. We are proud continue that legacy and strive to uphold those values as we grow and expand this crucial work of supporting families in the childbearing years. Our Board Our Cooperative is governed by a volunteer group of members. The Steering Committee organizes events, maintains relationships with providers and other professionals or organizations that support families in our community, advocates for the rights of birthing people, arranges educational opportunities, and informs members and the broader community of relevant social or legislative issues that impact birthing people and their families. Kat Head President Patrick Boswell Treasurer Julia Sittig Hospital Liason Morgan Moy Vice President Christine Landers Member Coordinator & Website Coordinator Rebecca Dilley Community Liason Kerela Jones Contact Coordinator

  • Kat Head

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Kat Head Postpartum Doula Hello! I'm Kat Head. I would be honored and excited to support you during this singularly special time. I completed my Postpartum Doula training with the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) in March 2019 and am in the process of certification. I became passionate about the postpartum period after having my daughter in October 2017. I am very interested in everything about the new parent experience - newborn behavior, new emotions and the nitty-gritty of daily life. There is so much information out there that it can be tough to know what to do or where to start. I feel strongly about providing evidence-based information and supporting whatever decision you come to. I am truly here to assist you in becoming the kind of parent you want to be. You know best about how to parent your babe! In other areas of life, I am interested in ASL-English interpreting, art history, making ice cream in unusual flavors, respectful/peaceful parenting, Buddhism, being outside, collage art and mindfulness. Kat the Doula 585-201-8126

  • Julie Grisham

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Julie Grisham Brith Doula I have been excited about birth for as long as I can remember. The oldest of 4 girls, I had the opportunity to learn about the power of birth at an early age. It is my goal to listen, comfort, inform, and support my clients. I believe that birth can be an empowering experience. And also a space for peace and transition. It is an honor to learn how each birth can be supported to reflect the person giving birth: a unique design, each time. I am excited to learn what birth looks like to you. I received my Birth Doula training from DONA in Toronto in 2018. I also have a Bachelors of Science degree from SUNY Brockport in Business Administration. Clementine Doula Support 585-354-2496

  • Adriana Lozada, AdvCD(DONA), CSC, CEMC, CBP

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Adriana Lozada, AdvCD(DONA), CSC, CEMC, CBP Birth Doula, Healthy Sleep Consultations, Birth and Postpartum Prep. Classes My background is multi-layered and multi-cultural. A former print and online editor from Venezuela, the birth of my daughter sparked my passion for being a birth advocate. I have been a birth doula since 2007, and host of the acclaimed Birthful podcast since 2014. I am a certified advanced birth doula, postpartum educator, healthy sleep consultant, speaker, and author. Aside from having the immense privilege of talking to and learning from a multitude of maternity professionals on the podcast, I have additional training in Spinning Babies, rebozo, acupressure for birth and postpartum, and pregnancy loss. I hold birth doula certifications from both DONA International and The Matrona, and teach advanced doula workshops around the country. ​ (585) 454.9898

  • Rebecca Dilley CLC,Birth and Postpartum Doula

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Rebecca Dilley CLC,Birth and Postpartum Doula Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Breastmilk jewelry I am blessed to be the mom to two fantastic kids. My children make my life as beautiful an adventure as they do at keeping me on my toes. As a wife, I have the privilege of being married to a great guy, who not only puts up with my birth enthusiasm and but also my crazy on-call working hours. My journey as a doula, in some ways, started with the love and wisdom of my mother. She taught me to believe in my own strength and abilities and to trust my instinct and my heart. With the birth of my daughter in 2012, her words truly impacted me in ways I had not expected. I realized that not only could my birth have been better but that all women deserve to have a birth where they take the lead in how their bodies bring their babies into this world. That knowledge weighed on me and with the upcoming birth of my son, in 2016, I decided to look into ways I could take the lead and that guided me to hiring a doula. Having a doula was so very beneficial and it changed the way I looked at birth and as a result launched me into a career of being doula, myself. I became a DONA trained doula in 2017 and with my newly gained confidence and knowledge quickly started to attend births. I went on to complete more certifications, including but not limited to, The Matrona's Holistic Birth and Postpartum Certification, the Certified Lactation Consultant training (CLC) and a certification in creating and selling Breast Milk Jewelry. The Doula Duo 5857485557

  • Courtney Cullen

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Courtney Cullen Birth Doula Back in 1998 at only 9 years old, I was incredibly fortunate to witness the birth of my little brother and have a mom who raised me to believe that birth was a natural and beautiful part of life. Fast forward 20 years - little did I know that my very own mother would be my doula during my first pregnancy and birth. This is where it all began. I knew that every birthing person deserved to have a doula and I was determined to tell the world how empowering birth can be when you have the knowledge and resources to make your own informed choices during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I decided to become a birth doula shortly after my daughter was born and just a few weeks after training I was able to experience my first birth. I will forever cherish those moments of raw, unfiltered beauty and the oxytocin high I carried as I left the new parents with their little one. I felt so honored to share in their journey. Everything in my mind, body and soul was telling me I was exactly where I needed to be. As your birth doula, I will offer support to both you and your partner before, during and after childbirth. My role is to help facilitate safe, positive and empowering birthing experiences by offering the information, emotional support and physical support needed during this time. I would love to meet and connect with you. Bump & Beyond Doulas 5853151610

  • Kirsten Elting -BA, CD(DONA), LCCE, CLEC, CLC

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Kirsten Elting -BA, CD(DONA), LCCE, CLEC, CLC Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator and Counselor Kirsten has had the honor to attend many births since becoming a certified birth doula with DONA International in 2003. She has supported families during births at home and at the hospital. Her passion for all things pregnancy and birth related also led her to becoming a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator in 2004, a Certified Lactation Educator and Counselor in 2008, and another breastfeeding certification, Certified Lactation Counselor in 2021. In 2007 she gave birth naturally to her own beautiful daughter with the support of two wonderful doulas. Kirsten believes in supporting women and their families during their entire journey through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Believing that women are powerful when they understand their own innate ability to give birth and that pregnancy and birth are NORMAL. She has attended and supported first births to second and third births, natural and medicated births, and provided early post-partum and breastfeeding support. Kirsten provides evidence-based, factual, information and continuous emotional and physical support. By doing so, she hopes to help guide women and their families in making informed choices and decisions during pregnancy, birth, and early post-partum. With her love of learning and education Kirsten has attended many DONA International and Lamaze conferences around the country. She has also attended many seminars and continues to read many evidence-based books and articles on all things related to pregnancy and birth. As a member of BBC and the Doula Cooperative of Rochester she keeps in close contact with all her “sisters” in the birth community. While planning to explore more avenues of training and certification her goal is to provide and share as much as she can to families in all stages of pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. Kirsten works full-time from her home office managing the finances of some Rochester based companies and owns her own small furniture refurbishing company. She is fortunate to have a very supportive husband who understands all her passionate “hobbies”. You can find them both haunting bookstores, antique stores, flea markets, and the occasional curbside picking up pre-loved items for her shop or their home. Although Kirsten does her best to make every soccer game and school event, her teenage daughter is incredibly supportive when she needs to be with a client. As an avid animal lover, Kirsten currently has 1 dog and 3 cats. ​ 585-750-4549

  • Bridget Strub, CD(DONA), LCCE

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Bridget Strub, CD(DONA), LCCE Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Hospital-Grade Breast Pump Rentals Bridget is passionate about supporting families in the Rochester area. She has been a doula since 2015 and a childbirth educator since 2018. She has worked in home and hospital birth settings and has supported births of all kinds. Bridget believes that peace can prevail in birth and parenthood, regardless of the specifics of the situation, and she views her role as a catalyst to help that happen. She supports her clients with a calm strength and physiologically supportive, evidence-based approach. Wildflower Birth Support (585) 880-5387

  • Meet the Doulas Near Me | The Doula Cooperative of Rochester

    Meet the Doulas Choose from the options below to meet the birth or postpartum doulas in our Cooperative. If you need help connecting with someone, please feel free to contact us and let us know specifically what you're looking for. Meet the Birth Doulas Meet the Postpartum Doulas Hiring A Doula ​ You are welcome to contact any of the doulas directly to set up a complimentary consultation. It is never too early to contact a potential doula! Our schedules can fill up quickly, so if you feel a particular connection to someone, contact them soon to ensure their availability! ​ A doula consultation, is a good opportunity to ask any questions you might have about a doula's experiences, approach and philosophy. It is also a time to learn whether or not you feel that the two of you would be a good fit in working together. Once you've decided which doula you'd like to hire, you can contact them directly. Most doulas have clients sign an agreement of services and pay a portion of their fee up front. In general, the remainder of the fee is due prior to services are rendered. A Note About Doula Fees Doula fees are set by each individual doula, team or agency. The average fee in the Rochester area for birth doulas is around $1,000 and $30-$35 for postpartum doulas. The bulk of these fees are formulated by the nature of what their services entail: Unlimited text, email & phone support throughout time of contract Prenatal and postpartum visits On call access to birth doulas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from 38 weeks until baby is 1-2 weeks old Availability for continuous care throughout the entirety of your labor and birth regardless of whether or not it's a few hours or a few days Childcare costs, travel fees, administrative and business costs, etc. Level of experience and training There is a misconception that newer doulas can offer their services for free. However, to create a sustainable work environment for themselves and their community, most new doulas establish a fee that provides them with a living wage. If you are concerned about paying the fee for doula support services, please consider the following: What items could you sell, or could you host a garage sale, to cover the cost? Could you put doula support on your shower registry? Do you or your family members have any services that could be exchanged for a portion of the fee? ​ Some doulas do work with sliding scale fees or are able to exchange goods or services for their support. Some doulas state this and/or their fee on their individual websites. Please contact the doula you are interested in to inquire further. ​

  • Erin Hegeman, Advanced Holistic Doula

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Erin Hegeman, Advanced Holistic Doula Postpartum Doula After the birth of her first child 2,500 miles away from family, Erin realized the importance of having others around to help during this important 4th trimester time period. A new baby brings many changes whether that baby is your first or fifth! A postpartum doula can provide support in many different areas to smooth this transition and help parents feel supported. Erin first trained as a postpartum doula in 2016 and became advance certified in 2018. ​ 3155731900

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