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  • Melissa Ebner

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Melissa Ebner Birth Doula CD(DONA), Postpartum Doula, Lactation Counselor I have a passion for helping others and for empowering people in any stage of life, especially as they are bringing new life into the world. Whether it be emotional support, physical support, relaxation techniques, or to simply occupy space so that they know they don’t have to go through birth alone. I am excited to use my intuitive and kind energy to help guide and empower families in their journey to parenthood. I have been an early childhood educator for 20 years in many different modalities, including Montessori education, family day care, and nanny work. It was a very natural transition from teaching and caring for young children and their families to becoming a doula. I truly love this heart work and I feel blessed every day. Melissa Doula 6072729838

  • Kirsten Elting -BA, CD(DONA), LCCE, CLEC, CLC

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Kirsten Elting -BA, CD(DONA), LCCE, CLEC, CLC Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator and Counselor Kirsten has had the honor to attend many births since becoming a certified birth doula with DONA International in 2003. She has supported families during births at home and at the hospital. Her passion for all things pregnancy and birth related also led her to becoming a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator in 2004, a Certified Lactation Educator and Counselor in 2008, and another breastfeeding certification, Certified Lactation Counselor in 2021. In 2007 she gave birth naturally to her own beautiful daughter with the support of two wonderful doulas. ​ 585-750-4549

  • Stephanie Kiesow, MA, MPH, CLE

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Stephanie Kiesow, MA, MPH, CLE Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Educator The postpartum period is a time of magnificent growth and expansion. For those of us who are just becoming parents, or are already parents, it can be a great time to call on community and build up a network of support. As a trained postpartum doula (DONA) and experienced newborn care educator, my goal is to assist you with your needs, which may look slightly different for each person. Working together, we can create a specialized plan for you and your family. Some components of postpartum care that may be of interest include: feeding assistance, baby-wearing, newborn care, navigating breastfeeding and the workplace, and creating developmentally appropriate activities for your little one. I received both a Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. In support of my own breastfeeding journey and to assist others, I am a Lactation Educator, certified through the University of California, San Diego. I look forward to connecting with you! Petal & Plum Doula Services (585) 233-1410

  • Caitlan Wilber

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Caitlan Wilber Postpartum Doula I am a DONA-trained Postpartum Doula and owner of Sage Support. No experience of my life has been as foundation-rattling as having my first child. My husband and I lived far from family and friends, and - like most - our family had other day-to-day responsibilities that kept them busy. Add in a (short) NICU stay, early feeding challenges, and insufficient paternity leave, and I was a mess. In those early days, in between visits from our mothers and sisters, I constructed a tiny village of “nice ladies” - lactation consultants, speech language pathologists, and a weekly breastfeeding group - to put myself back together and stabilize my daughter’s eating. Through that process, I learned about the work of postpartum doulas. I believe that our country needs significant policy changes that better support families, birthing people, and infants. In the meantime, postpartum doulas can help fill that gap. I went through DONA postpartum doula and breastfeeding training in January 2021, and I’m working on the final requirements to be fully certified. Sage Support 585-678-1241

  • Morgan Moy M.S., CCC-SLP/L TSSLD

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Morgan Moy M.S., CCC-SLP/L TSSLD Birth and Postpartum Doula care In 2018, I gave birth to my daughter through an unexpected cesarean section. Only after this did I realize there was so much more to birth than the average person knows. After my birth, I wanted to use my experiences as a way to support others through their birth journey. This led me to find my passion and I attended both birth and postpartum doula trainings, and since then have begun attending births. My goal as a birth and postpartum doula is to inform parents and parents-to-be on their choices during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I also aspire to become a certified lactation consultant to complement my doula services. Besides my passion for birth, I also work as a speech language pathologist with a specialization in pediatric feeding therapy. As a little bit more about me, I married my high school sweetheart, whom I met when we were both attending West Irondequoit high school. We still live in the area and plan to live here for the years to come. In my spare time I like to crochet, walk our dogs, and swim with my daughter. The Moy You Know Doula Care 5853148526

  • Michelle Grosodonia Maiola

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Michelle Grosodonia Maiola Full Spectrum Doula, Pre-Birth, Birth and Postpartum, Pre-Postnatal Yoga, Reiki Healing Michelle is a birth, postpartum, and full spectrum doula. She is passionate about the birth process and making birth inclusive for everyone. She seeks to support the birthing person as well as anyone else who is part of their journey. It was during her yoga teacher training prenatal section in 2013 that Michelle fell in love with how the body changes during birth. Since then she has been studying and furthering her knowledge of birth, yoga and energy healing. She is extremely honored to be able to hold space for those who are going through their fertility journey. Michelle is a registered yoga teacher and Reiki Master. She incorporates all of these into what she brings to a postpartum visit. She loves sports (especially the buffalo bills) her family/heritage and has a passion for learning. ​ 5859443474

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