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Birth Doula Profile


Joanna Jackson (BAI, CAPPA)

Birth Doula (BAI) Postpartum Doula (CAPPA) Nesting Party Coordinator

Joanna discovered her passion for birth work over a decade ago as she served families with multiples in their homes for years! Her sought-after calm confidence, expertise and enthusiastic spirit led Joanna to become a Postpartum Doula (CAPPA, 2017) and a Birth Doula (BAI, 2022) to passionately serve our Greater Rochester, NY birthing community! Joanna believes birth is a normal life event and is a mind, body and spiritual passage that our loved ones have accomplished successfully for generations!

You will find Joanna in homes with families practicing techniques, providing support, and coordinating the postpartum weeks ahead of time, so you are well prepared! She is the warm, inviting and knowledgable support you want in your corner before, during and after birth! She provides direct support during labor and delivery, putting into action the skills and techniques you've spent weeks planning and practicing with her beforehand.

Working with Joanna you can expect a personalized approach to care as she meets you where you are in your journey. You will notice how she trusts your intuition and works with your team to grow the trust, knowledge and confidence desired by birthing people and their partners to ensure you strut into birth well informed and equipped!

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