How To Join Us

How To Join

Everyone needs a tribe

The Doula Cooperative of Rochester, NY would love to have you consider becoming a member in support of our work! We meet monthly to encourage each other in our various doula capacities, fellowship together and learn from one another.

Levels of membership:

  • Membership as a supporting member: in support of the organization and gaining fellowship and encouragement from other doulas ($15/year level)

  • Membership as a doula taking referrals: as well as the above ($25/year level)

What you can expect from membership in the Doula Cooperative:

  • Referrals for Doula Work

  • Fellowship

  • The chance to share birth stories

  • Answers to concerns and questions

  • Support and friendship from other doulas

  • Valuable information from guest speakers

  • Being a part of a growing organization which the birth community is coming to respect

Guidelines for members:

  • Agree -by signature- to abide by the DONA International Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

  • Make every effort to attend the Co-op meetings which are held on the second Thursday of every month

  • Monitor your email for news and request from members of the Co-op

  • Update your personal information contained in the referral book whenever there are changes

  • Communicate with the referral coordinator each month (or more frequently if there are changes) regarding your availability for birth and/or postpartum doula clients


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