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Birth Doula Profile


Kathryn Franke, MA, CD(DONA)

Birth Doula

Kathryn’s interest in birthwork began with her first pregnancy in 2017. Her doula-supported birth was a profoundly transformative experience for her and from that day on, she simply couldn’t see herself doing anything other than supporting women through pregnancy and childbirth, too. As a military spouse moving every few years with her husband and young children, she knew she’d need time to make her dream come to life, so she decided to learn as much as she could about childbirth and supported her friends through their pregnancies in the meantime. In 2022, she became a certified doula through DONA International.

Kathryn believes that pregnancy is a sacred season full of discovery, growth, vulnerability, understanding boundaries, embracing change, and releasing control. The amount of change that happens so rapidly and the availability of fear-driving information can often feel overwhelming. This is perhaps why she feels so strongly about her role in providing evidence-based information, and physical and emotional support as a doula. Her goal is to help families give birth with confidence and to feel at peace with each unique birth experience. She has supported first pregnancies, second pregnancies, repeat clients, medicated and unmedicated alike, and is grateful to each family who has trusted her in their birth space.

In her spare time, Kathryn can be found on a run, baking bread, reading childbirth books, or hiking trails around western New York with her husband and 3 sons.

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