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Lactation Support Profile


Mabel Primus, CLC

Lactation Counseling, Postpartum Doula Care

Hi! I’m Mabel Primus. I’m a postpartum doula and certified lactation counselor (CLC) serving the Rochester area. I am very passionate about providing support to new families and especially to moms (and birthing parents) as they do a life transition that is often way more difficult than expected.

In traditional societies, laypeople were very familiar with birth, breastfeeding, and community support during the childbearing year. Today, many parents go into the postpartum months never having witnessed these first newborn weeks and without nearly enough support. We tend to focus on the birth process (for good reason!) but don’t know how to adequately plan for the harrowing, sleepless, and altogether unique weeks and months following the welcoming of a new baby into the home.

I am honored that you are considering inviting me into the sacred space of your home during this exciting time in your family’s life. I look forward to witnessing this part of your journey. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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