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  • About Birth Doulas | The Doula Cooperative of Rochester

    About Doulas Birth Doulas Helping families feel empowered to make informed choices about their care in pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Providing physical and emotional support throughout labor, birth and the early postpartum hours. Meet the Birth Doulas Postpartum Doulas Helping families make a smooth transition into parenthood by providing assistance with newborn care, breastfeeding support, household duties and emotional support in the postpartum period. Meet the Postpartum Doulas Birth Doulas - What is included with their support? Every doula offer their own unique aspects to support, however the majority include the following: ~One complimentary consultation (over the phone, in person or via video chat) ~One to two (or more) prenatal visits ~Unlimited email, text and phone support ~Access to carefully curated list of community resources ~24/7 On-call support from 38 weeks until your baby is born ~Continuous support throughout labor, delivery and immediate postpartum support in the birthing location of your choice ~Backup doula support if needed ~One or more postpartum followup visits This is typical of birth doula support, but may not reflect the specifics of every doula's practice within our cooperative. Be sure to ask about this at your complimentary consulatation to discover what their particular offerings include. Postpartum Doulas - What is included with their support? Postpartum doula support is tailored specifically to you and your families needs. It can be provided at any time throughout the first year of your baby's life and may look like any of the following (please be sure to check with an individual doula to learn about what their specific support entails): Physical Support - Assistance with postpartum recovery, breastfeeding support, nutritious snack and meal preparation, care for child while parents rest, help with babywearing, assistance on outings, an extra set of hands to help with anything! Emotional Support - Listening without judgement, validating your joys and concerns, support as you bond with new child and adjust to the transition of life with them, watching for signs of postpartum depression, discussing various options and supporting your choices, care for child while parents take personal time, support for non-birthing partner, strategies for positive family communication Household Support - Laundry, light housework, nursery and supply organization, spending time with other children in the home and facilitating their adjustment to a new sibling, taking photos for you Informational Support - Sharing techniques on feeding, bathing, dressing, newborn care and development, etc, providing evidence-based information on numerous topics pertaining to infants and parenthood, sharing of local resources and support groups, information on baby gear, providing resources for partner, help with navigating various sources of information What other support services can a doula offer? The doulas in our cooperative offer a variety of complementary support service options to our community. We have acupuncturists, chiropractors, placenta encapsulation specialists, massage therapists, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, a hospital-grade breast pump rental provider, breast milk jewelery designers, feeding therapists, yoga instructors and so much more! Additionally, there are other kinds of doulas beyond birth and postpartum as well! Doula support can be utilized in bereavement, pregnancy loss, fertility and more. There are specialized trainings for the full spectrum support, but we do have some doulas in our community of offer these levels of support. If you are interested in a specific support service and would like to be connected to the appropriate person, please use our contact form to let us know. Who typically hires a doula? The short answer is anybody who is preparing to have a baby or who has a baby at home! Doulas are all about providing you with an abundance of care, support and all the information you need to make fully informed, confident decisions. So, regardless of your choices in pregnancy, birth or parenthood, a doula is there for you 100% and wants to see you succeed in your goals, however you may define them, and connect you with the resources you need to do so. Where do doulas attend births? Birth doulas attend births wherever their clients are. Doulas in our cooperative have attended births at all the local and regional hospitals of our area and have worked with the homebirth midwifery groups to provide support to birthing people in their homes as well. Birth Doulas - What do they do and what their benefits? Birth doulas are trained in the normal process, anatomy and physiology of birth. They use a variety of methods to infuse the birth experience with calm, peace and unconditional support. A great deal of work is done prenatally to establish a trusting relationship with clients and enhance their intuition, knowledge and confidence in the birth process. Support can be provided in both home and hospital births to all people regardless of their particular choices about how their birth will unfold. Doulas offer continous support and individualized strategies for comfort throughout labor and they can help facilitate conversations with medical providers to ensure birthing people know their options in order to provide informed consent. Numerous studies have shown that impartial, continuous doula support during labor can increase the satisfaction of the experience for both the birthing person and their partner as well as reduce the need for augmentation, instrumental intervention or surgical birth. Because birth doulas are hired directly by the clients they will be working with, they answer only to them. They are able to support birthing people without distraction or conflicts of interest within any particular system. Is there a difference between a midwife and a doula? Yes! There's a big difference between doulas and midwives, but we typically get along really well! Midwives are trained medical providers who support women from puberty all the way through menopause. They generally uphold the midwifery model of care which is highly person-centered, holistically supportive and promotes the normal, phsyiologic process of birth. As with doulas, midwives care for patients who make any number of choices in their birth experiences. Midwives work collaboratively with a physician in cases where instrumental or cesarean birth is required. Doulas and midwives often have similar approaches to birth and so we compliment one another very well. Though they are both focused on the overall well-being of the birthing person and their baby, they have two very distinct roles in that the midwife will always be the one to perform clinical tasks or exams, make diagnoses and catch the baby and the doula is there to support the birthing person and their family to enhance their overall mental and emotional well-being and physical comfort. How do medical providers and doulas work together? Birth doulas work collaboratively with nurses, midwives and physicians to provide holistic support for their clients throughout the birth process. Often, a doula can help facilitate conversation between a birthing person and their provider to ensure their questions are being answered, their concerns are being heard and their preferences are being honored. Birth doulas offer a unique role on the birth team in that their only responsibility is to the birthing person and their family. Often in pregnancy, doulas and their clients develop a level of trust and familiarity that is a welcomed addition to the birth room in which providers can be unknown. Because doulas do not perform any clinical tasks, conduct exams or make diagnoses, they are able to focus their attention solely on how the birthing person is feeling and coping with the experience at any given moment. How much does doula support cost and why? The average fee for birth doula services in Rochester is around $1,000. The average fee for postpartum doula support is around $30-35/hour. When a doula sets their fee, they take into account the following: -Unlimited text, email and phone support throughout time of contract -Prenatal and postpartum visits -On call access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from 38 weeks until baby is 1-2 weeks old -Length of the birth - while some may only be a few hours, they can stretch to a few days -Childcare costs, travel fees, administrative and business costs, etc. -Amount of time and money invested in professional development to enhance skills There is a misconception that newer doulas can offer their services for free. However, to create a sustainable work environment and situation for themselves, each doula often decides to establish at least a minimal fee in order to cover the basic costs of doing this work. If you are concerned about paying the fee for doula support services, please consider the following: -What items could you sell, or could you host a garage sale, to cover the cost? -Could you put doula support on your shower registry? -Do you or your family members have any services that could be exchanged for a portion of the fee? Will the doula take the place of my spouse, partner or family member?" Not if we're doing it right! Doulas seek to facilitate a positive experience for all people involved in both the birth and pospartum experience. Our wisdom of caring for a birthing or postpartum person is only one component to the equation. Your other chosen support people know you much more intimately than we ever can, so they bring a critical knowledge to the equation as well. When the two team members work together to create a circle of support around a birthing or postpartum person, that is when the real magic happens. Even the most supportive and knowledgeable of partners or family members will need breaks for rest, nourishment, and emotionally processing such momentous events. A doula can provide care for all involved in large and small ways so that they can be fully present and participate at the level they are most comfortable. Postpartum Doulas - What do they do and what are their benefits? Postpartum doulas offer informational, physical and emotional support to families within the first year of a baby's life. Postpartum support can allow the birthing parent to devote the time needed to recovering after birth and tend to the intense demands of adjusting to the transition of life with their new baby. Additionally, it can difuse the stress of caring for basic household tasks such as meal preparation and housecleaning. Lastely, postpartum doula support can help build confidence by providing newborn-care and evidence-based education. Studies have shown that postpartum doula support can decrease postpartum mood and anxiety disorders and enhance the feelings of positivity surrounding the postpartum period.

  • Contact Us | The Doula Cooperative of Rochester

    What's Next? Once you submit our contact form, the following things will happen: ​ If you're looking for doula support, your information will be shared with our cooperative members. Doulas who are available around your estimated arrival date will email you to set up a complimentary consultation. You may receive 2 or 20 emails depending on who is available. It is common for pregnant people to meet with a few doulas to determine who they'd feel most comfortable working with. When you're ready to hire one of the doulas you've met with, you can contact them directly to sign their client agreement and pay their fee. ​ ​ PLEASE NOTE : If you don't hear from anyone within 2 days of your initial inquiry, please email and let us know. We will do our best to try to connect you with a doula that's right for you! Contact Us NAME PHONE EMAIL Where are you located (city/town) I am... Choose an option Baby's estimated date of arrival or birthdate Where are you planning to birth? What else would you like to share with us? Submit SKIP THE WAIT! You can contact any doula from the "Meet the Doula" page directly to set up a complimentary consultation to determine if working together would be a good fit. Go to Meet the Doulas Page!

  • Welcome to The Doula Cooperative of Rochester NY

    Welcome to the Doula Cooperative of Rochester, NY We are so glad you are here! What is a doula? About Us Support for families and doulas We are a collaborative group of doulas serving families in Rochester, NY and its surrounding areas throughout pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Additionally, we offer community and educational support for doulas in our area. Get to know us! Looking for a doula? You're in the right place! This site is packed with information about birth and postpartum doula support. You will find answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about doulas and get to know some of the doulas in our cooperative. If you are inquiring about doula support, we invite you to contact a doula individually through their profile or by completing our contact form which will be circulated to all the doulas in our membership. Meet the Doulas! Looking for a doula community? We welcome all doulas to our cooperative regardless of their training organization, certification status and areas or frequency of practice. Membership benefits include monthly opportunities for networking, skill enhancement and professional development. Additionally, our members have access to doula service requests and have the opportunity to list their profile and contact information on our site. Join our Community!

  • Kat Head

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Kat Head Postpartum Doula Hello! I'm Kat Head, and I would be honored to support you during your postpartum period. I trained as a postpartum doula through the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) in March 2019 and have been working with Rochester families ever since. In 2020 I became a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and really love the collaborative detective work that is lactation support. I enjoy working with families that use spoken English and/or American Sign Language. I became passionate about the postpartum period after having my first daughter in October 2017. I had a birth doula for that experience but hadn’t ever heard of a postpartum doula. I found that there is so much information out there about what to do or not do that it was tough to know who to believe or where to start. Now, as a doula, I feel strongly about providing evidence-based information and supporting whatever decision my clients come to. I am truly here to assist you in becoming the kind of parent you want to be. Areas of focus that I excel at include assistance with how to ask for help and community building, food preparation, spending quality time with older siblings, mental health support and bringing a calm and curious perspective to lactation challenges. In other areas of life, I am interested in ASL-English interpreting, being outside, homeschooling/unschooling, my amazing women friends, tarot, and the time to enjoy one amazing cup of coffee Kat the Doula ​

  • Ashley Wyffels

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Ashley Wyffels Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Childbirth Educator Growing up I always knew I wanted to work with babies. I went on to get a degree in early childhood development and have worked in the childcare field for over 10 years with infants. After becoming a certified pediatric sleep consultant in 2019 and working with many families, I realized there was so much more I could do to help parents thrive. This led me down the path of becoming a birth and postpartum doula. Educating and supporting families is my passion and I feel very privileged to get to do this work! Doulas and Beyond 5854691782

  • Lauren Dearman

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Lauren Dearman Birth Doula, ASL Interpreter Lauren took her DONA Birth Doula training in November 2023. She has been an ASL Interpreter since 2012, and is fluent in American Sign Language. Lauren hopes to support birthing people and their partners in their primary language. ​ 9086938456

  • Morgan Moy M.S., CCC-SLP/L TSSLD

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Morgan Moy M.S., CCC-SLP/L TSSLD Birth and Postpartum Doula care In 2018, I gave birth to my daughter through an unexpected cesarean section. Only after this did I realize there was so much more to birth than the average person knows. After my birth, I wanted to use my experiences as a way to support others through their birth journey. This led me to find my passion and I attended both birth and postpartum doula trainings, and since then have begun attending births. My goal as a birth and postpartum doula is to inform parents and parents-to-be on their choices during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I also aspire to become a certified lactation consultant to complement my doula services. Besides my passion for birth, I also work as a speech language pathologist with a specialization in pediatric feeding therapy. As a little bit more about me, I married my high school sweetheart, whom I met when we were both attending West Irondequoit high school. We still live in the area and plan to live here for the years to come. In my spare time I like to crochet, walk our dogs, and swim with my daughter. The Moy You Know Doula Care & The Doula Duo 585 314 8526

  • Join the Doula Co-Op | The Doula Cooperative of Rochester

    Become A Member It takes a village Doula work can be some of the most fulfilling areas of work you may ever find yourself in, but it can also be some of the most isolating and draining. We can't sustain this work without the support of other professionals who understand and can hold space for us as we navigate the ins and outs of this great support work. Benefits of Membership Informal mentorship and networking opportunities with other doulas and birth professionals Supportive community (in person and online) to process experiences with and learn from ​ Educational opportunities to increase knowledge and enhance professional skills Option to have profile and contact information featured on Doula Cooperative website Learn More Doula Membership $ 50 50$ Every year Join Now Join us for our monthly doula meeting! ​ 7 PM Second Thursday of the Month* Contact us for location information *Check the Doula Cooperative Facebook Group for occasional changes to dates or location.

  • Tamara L Albert CD(DONA), LCCE

    Childbirth Educator Profile Meet Tamara L Albert CD(DONA), LCCE Birth Doula, Childbirth preparation classes Since 1993 I have been married to my wonderful husband, Bryan. Together we have five children: Abigail, Rebekah, Bethany, Timothy and Phoebe. We have personally experienced five joyful births (over a span of 15 years 1995 – 2010). I LOVE birth and am passionate to help others have a joyful birth experience. I have been serving couples in birth work since 2002 and am eager to share my wisdom and experience with others. As a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator (LCCE) and a certified birth doula (professional birth assistant) with DONA International, it is my sincere desire to support you to have a joyful birth experience. Our family lives in Geneseo, NY and we are active in our church. Childbirth: A Joyful Experience 5855037984

  • Kathryn Franke, MA, CD(DONA)

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Kathryn Franke, MA, CD(DONA) Birth Doula Kathryn’s interest in birthwork began with her first pregnancy in 2017. Her doula-supported birth was a profoundly transformative experience for her and from that day on, she simply couldn’t see herself doing anything other than supporting women through pregnancy and childbirth, too. As a military spouse moving every few years with her husband and young children, she knew she’d need time to make her dream come to life, so she decided to learn as much as she could about childbirth and supported her friends through their pregnancies in the meantime. In 2022, she became a certified doula through DONA International. Kathryn believes that pregnancy is a sacred season full of discovery, growth, vulnerability, understanding boundaries, embracing change, and releasing control. The amount of change that happens so rapidly and the availability of fear-driving information can often feel overwhelming. This is perhaps why she feels so strongly about her role in providing evidence-based information, and physical and emotional support as a doula. Her goal is to help families give birth with confidence and to feel at peace with each unique birth experience. She has supported first pregnancies, second pregnancies, repeat clients, medicated and unmedicated alike, and is grateful to each family who has trusted her in their birth space. In her spare time, Kathryn can be found on a run, baking bread, reading childbirth books, or hiking trails around western New York with her husband and 3 sons. ​ 229-506-0872

  • Janet McAdoo

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Janet McAdoo Post Partum Doula HI there! I am the youngest of 8 kids and oldest of 22 nieces and nephews. Being around children is second nature to men and a joy. I have three beautiful kiddos of my own who are now 22, 19 and 15. We homeschooled them all the way through and I am delighted to have the time to support and love younger mamas at this point in my life. I also teach part time in the city school district. ​ 5857501705

  • Rebecca Dilley CLC,Birth and Postpartum Doula

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Rebecca Dilley CLC,Birth and Postpartum Doula Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Breastmilk jewelry I am blessed to be the mom to two fantastic kids. My children make my life as beautiful an adventure as they do at keeping me on my toes. As a wife, I have the privilege of being married to a great guy, who not only puts up with my birth enthusiasm and but also my crazy on-call working hours. My journey as a doula, in some ways, started with the love and wisdom of my mother. She taught me to believe in my own strength and abilities and to trust my instinct and my heart. With the birth of my daughter in 2012, her words truly impacted me in ways I had not expected. I realized that not only could my birth have been better but that all women deserve to have a birth where they take the lead in how their bodies bring their babies into this world. That knowledge weighed on me and with the upcoming birth of my son, in 2016, I decided to look into ways I could take the lead and that guided me to hiring a doula. Having a doula was so very beneficial and it changed the way I looked at birth and as a result launched me into a career of being doula, myself. I became a DONA trained doula in 2017 and with my newly gained confidence and knowledge quickly started to attend births. I went on to complete more certifications, including but not limited to, The Matrona's Holistic Birth and Postpartum Certification, the Certified Lactation Consultant training (CLC) and a certification in creating and selling Breast Milk Jewelry. The Doula Duo 5857485557

  • Heather Acomb

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Heather Acomb Postpartum Doula, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor Heather understands from her own postpartum experience how important this sacred period is for recovery— physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In addition, her years of training, teaching, and self-practice in the field of somatics gives her the necessary empathetic tools to support your labor and childbirth recovery in the immediate days and weeks postpartum. She is a dance educator, hatha yoga instructor, and holistic wellness practitioner. ​ (585) 455-5231

  • Danielle Cisneros

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Danielle Cisneros Birth doula My name is Danielle and I’ve recently completed the doula training! I have experienced two births myself, one an emergency c section and a VBAC! I’m so passionate about beginning my doula journey to help support women during their births! ​ 9074408965

  • Stephanie Kiesow, MA, MPH, CLE

    Postpartum Doula Profile Meet Stephanie Kiesow, MA, MPH, CLE Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Educator The postpartum period is a time of magnificent growth and expansion. For those of us who are just becoming parents, or are already parents, it can be a great time to call on community and build up a network of support. As a trained postpartum doula (DONA) and experienced newborn care educator, my goal is to assist you with your needs, which may look slightly different for each person. Working together, we can create a specialized plan for you and your family. Some components of postpartum care that may be of interest include: feeding assistance, baby-wearing, newborn care, navigating breastfeeding and the workplace, and creating developmentally appropriate activities for your little one. I received both a Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. In support of my own breastfeeding journey and to assist others, I am a Lactation Educator, certified through the University of California, San Diego. I look forward to connecting with you! Petal & Plum Doula Services (585) 233-1410

  • Adriana Lozada, AdvCD(DONA), CSC, CEMC, CBP

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Adriana Lozada, AdvCD(DONA), CSC, CEMC, CBP Birth Doula, Healthy Sleep Consultations, Birth and Postpartum Prep. Classes My background is multi-layered and multi-cultural. A former print and online editor from Venezuela, the birth of my daughter sparked my passion for being a birth advocate. I have been a birth doula since 2007, and host of the acclaimed Birthful podcast since 2014. I am a certified advanced birth doula, postpartum educator, healthy sleep consultant, speaker, and author. Aside from having the immense privilege of talking to and learning from a multitude of maternity professionals on the podcast, I have additional training in Spinning Babies, rebozo, acupressure for birth and postpartum, and pregnancy loss. I hold birth doula certifications from both DONA International and The Matrona, and teach advanced doula workshops around the country. ​ (585) 454.9898

  • Melissa Ebner LC

    Lactation Support Profile Meet Melissa Ebner LC Early support for lactation needs and education I was trained through The Healthy Children Project, Inc. Center for Breastfeeding. Melissa Doula http ​

  • Melissa Keyes

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Melissa Keyes Birth doula, postpartum doula, breastfeeding consultant, breathing techniques, birthing support and parent education Hi, I am so happy to tell you about myself! I have always had a deep understanding for children, my heart is baby! I have been a migrant headstart infant teacher for almost 13 yrs. ,this includes breastfeeding, I have a current CDA and CPR/First aid, and MAT Certification. I had my babysitting certificate at 11, and it was all the love and nurturing one could truly give to those helpless children. My life passion has been babies and caring for family members and then I tought at the Roosevelt children center for 2 years. I will never forget what a beautiful opportunity it was to work with children with disabilities and learning challenges. I have been employed through my local school district as well. My absolute favorite is my babies!!! I would love to share my compassion and caring for others as a doula. This is my passion for all those beautiful women who would love to have me also. Baby Love 3153590510

  • Kirsten Elting -BA, CD(DONA), LCCE, CLEC, CLC

    Birth Doula Profile Meet Kirsten Elting -BA, CD(DONA), LCCE, CLEC, CLC Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator and Counselor Kirsten has had the honor to attend many births since becoming a certified birth doula with DONA International in 2003. She has supported families during births at home and at the hospital. Her passion for all things pregnancy and birth related also led her to becoming a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator in 2004, a Certified Lactation Educator and Counselor in 2008, and another breastfeeding certification, Certified Lactation Counselor in 2021. In 2007 she gave birth naturally to her own beautiful daughter with the support of two wonderful doulas. Kirsten believes in supporting women and their families during their entire journey through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Believing that women are powerful when they understand their own innate ability to give birth and that pregnancy and birth are NORMAL. She has attended and supported first births to second and third births, natural and medicated births, and provided early post-partum and breastfeeding support. Kirsten provides evidence-based, factual, information and continuous emotional and physical support. By doing so, she hopes to help guide women and their families in making informed choices and decisions during pregnancy, birth, and early post-partum. With her love of learning and education Kirsten has attended many DONA International and Lamaze conferences around the country. She has also attended many seminars and continues to read many evidence-based books and articles on all things related to pregnancy and birth. As a member of BBC and the Doula Cooperative of Rochester she keeps in close contact with all her “sisters” in the birth community. While planning to explore more avenues of training and certification her goal is to provide and share as much as she can to families in all stages of pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. Kirsten works full-time from her home office managing the finances of some Rochester based companies and owns her own small furniture refurbishing company. She is fortunate to have a very supportive husband who understands all her passionate “hobbies”. You can find them both haunting bookstores, antique stores, flea markets, and the occasional curbside picking up pre-loved items for her shop or their home. Although Kirsten does her best to make every soccer game and school event, her teenage daughter is incredibly supportive when she needs to be with a client. As an avid animal lover, Kirsten currently has 1 dog and 3 cats. ​ 585-750-4549

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